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Linii Huon Pine Wardrobe Pouch 70g

Huon Pine Wardrobe Pouch 70g
  • Stop odours and holes caused by fabric eating pests
  • Perfect for linen and clothing cupboards, sports bags, blanket or toys boxes. A bag this size will protect an enclosed space of 1m2.
  • Absorb odours and moisture and repel Silverfish, Moths, Fleas and Mites
  • 100% Chemical Free and all-natural

Huon Pine contains a naturally occurring ingredient that gives the timber its unique smell, preservative and repellent qualities. Huon Pine will repel mites, silverfish, moths and fleas. It will not kill them, nor will it remove an infestation. Huon Pine will keep an area free of these pests, discouraging them to nest. It works in the same manner as a traditional moth ball without the terrible smell.

The Huon Pine is one of Australia’s oldest living organisms. The average fully matured tree is in excess of 2000 years old. This tree is endemic to Tasmania and is found no where else in the world.Forestry Tasmania are the only entity that may remove already fallen timbers from the forests, rivers, estuaries and inlets within the World Heritage Protected Area of Tasmania. This means that, only timber that has already fallen. No cutting of standing Huon Pine is allowed.This resource is carefully managed and their are only a handful of licensed operators that can purchase these timbers directly from Forestry Tasmania stock piles under a quota system.

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