About Us

Our Vision

At Smiling Wallaby we have a saying 'Live a Better Life, Pass on a Better World' , but what does that mean ?

We've started off as a company in July 2020 providing Eco-Friendly Products for your Home and Body, which is where we are today. But we've come to realise that our vision and goals go beyond that. Our vision is to enable better lives for our customers, in a way that also enables us to pass on a better world to the following generations.

So we are moving to a position where we can help address the needs of our whole being, our physical health, our mental health, our bodies and our homes, our overall well being.

All in an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable way.

So look forward to new products and further offerings through the months ahead.

Why Smiling Wallaby

Well for a start its very hard to find a name which isn't already taken. But Smiling Wallaby, can be taken to mean a number of things

  • Happy Australian , to highlighting our roots
  • Could literally be taken as a Happy Wallaby, one living in a sustainable environment
  • Someone living a happy life, whilst also protecting their environment

So I hope you'll join with us in becoming a Smiling Wallaby

Who we are

Smiling Wallaby is based in Adelaide, South Australia and founded by Andrew Roberts, ex-Ironman, Engineer, and supported by his wife Debra (also an Interior Designer)

Some more personal insight to Andrew and Debra :-

That's a Smiling Wallaby (AKA Andrew) completing an Ironman, some of you will be faster, some slower, and some far too sensible ;)

A much better introduction from my wife Debra, who wrote this message for one of our weekly emails, I thought I'd reproduce it here :-
I wanted to write and introduce myself as I am working behind the scenes to help Andrew serve you and feel that I want to get to know you a little, and find out what products you need us to provide for you.
Firstly, I want to say THANK YOU for supporting our Adelaide based startup company. We both SO appreciate you shopping from Smiling Wallaby and please know we are dedicated to growing this company to serve you more and serve you better every step of the way. We are growing nicely and look forward to more growth soon. To be honest, we are like a couple of kids how excited we get when your orders come in and you are trusting us more and buying more from us every week, and we appreciate your trust in us. Thank you to a couple of you who have let us know of a couple of small issues along the way, which we take seriously and work to fix as a matter of highest priority. Your positive feedback has been wonderful, so thank you again.
So, a little about me...I have been buying healthy, natural, eco and organic products for the home for many, many years now and have been fascinated to watch the growth of the wellness industry over the past 12 years. I had the privilege of walking beside a family member during a long cancer challenge and it was actually through that experience in 2009-2016 that I researched and learnt a lot about ways to live healthier at home and heal or prevent disease. My firsthand experiences working as a Registered Nurse in many different settings showed me that our lifestyles often need to be improved, and did you know 60-70% of chronic disease is preventable?
I remember when I very first discovered that many of my consumer choices were not the best for me or the environment, I felt quite overwhelmed! I thought I was healthy, but learnt there was a lot of product choices I could change to enhance the health of me and my family and do my bit to protect our beautiful planet. There was SO much change I wanted to make, but it all felt like A LOT and I didn't know where to start!
I believe that no matter where on the continuum of change we are at, it's okay to start wherever we are at with just one new product. It might be swap your laundry detergent to one that minimises landfill and is safer for your skin and health. It might be ditching the disposable coffee pods and learning to use reusable stainless steel ones. I am learning there is always something new to discover and adopt if it fits my values.
Please drop me an email if you have any questions about how to start on this journey towards greater health for you and your family. As a former professional Health Coach I helped 100's of people just like you to make changes to their lifestyle. As a Smiling Wallaby customer, you have access to me to answer your questions. I am at your service and want to help. Just drop me an email to debra.roberts@smilingwallaby.com.au
Please let us know what products you would love us to stock for you, and we will definitely look into it. We are gradually adding new products and researching which ones we feel fit our store. Deb X ".