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Linii Huon Pine Mist 100ml

Huon Pine Mist 100ml
  • Can be used to FRESHEN Linen and Clothing, Curtains, Sofa etc
  • Can be used to PROTECT Linen and Clothing. From Fabric eating pests.
  • Is SAFE on Humans and Pets
  • Will stop Silverfish, Moth Fleas and Mites

Long-Lasting, calming, soothing and inviting. Use this amazing mist to bring the temperate rain forest of South West Tasmania into your home.

Use in personal spaces to freshen linen, bedding, clothing, carpets etc.

Use in personal spaces to protect against Silverfish, Moth, Flea or Mite occurrence.

Contains Huon Pine Hydrosol and a proprietary mix of Essential Oils.  Huon Pine Mist can be used in and around cupboards and hard surfaces to deter pests.

As it has great oil content it will protect your family for a long time. You will get  over 200 sprays from a 100ml bottle.

The Huon Pine is one of Australia’s oldest living organisms. The average fully matured tree is in excess of 2000 years old. This tree is endemic to Tasmania and is found no where else in the world.Forestry Tasmania are the only entity that may remove already fallen timbers from the forests, rivers, estuaries and inlets within the World Heritage Protected Area of Tasmania. This means that, only timber that has already fallen. No cutting of standing Huon Pine is allowed.This resource is carefully managed and their are only a handful of licensed operators that can purchase these timbers directly from Forestry Tasmania stock piles under a quota system.