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Henson AL13 Shaver (medium)

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New Design, providing a rounder edge profile and a full length cleaning channel.

A Unique Design that gives a shave so Smooth , so Effortless, it will make you rethink how shaving should feel.

The medium razor has slightly more blade exposure and a wider blade gap than the regular (mild) Henson AL13. This allows the medium to handle thicker and longer hair but requires more attention when shaving the sharper areas of your body.

Note from Andrew : I personally use the mid daily, and mild/medium isn't code for female/male.

Made from aerospace grade aluminum, and manufactured at their aerospace facility in Ontario, Canada,  the Henson AL13 razor is built with the same AS9100 aerospace standards required to create satellite components.

Each Henson AL13 comes with 5 replacement blades. Its recommended that the blade is replaced every 5-7 days.  Replacement blades are available and make the Henson an economical and effective replacement to plastic disposable razors.

Official Distributor in Australia

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