So how many Eco-strips do you need ??

October 05, 2020 1 min read

A report by Jack Tullia of the LUND UNIVERSITY entitled 'Laundry routine and resource consumption in Australia' gives us a figure of 2.5 as being the average number of loads washed per week. Which is 130 loads per year. Which equates to just over 4 packets of Tru-Earth laundry strips, (32 strips in a pack, so 4 x 32 = 128). So that's all you need to do, buy the equivalent of 4 packs of 32 strips, and you are done for the year. Or grab an extra one, if you are above average.

Due to Tru-Earth Eco-strip concentration, 4 packs take up no space at all, and can be shipped by normal mail to your address. As you can see in the photo below, they take up no space at all, yes that is my carpet, mug added for scale :).

Fresh Linen, Fragrance Free of Baby Varieties are available for shipping from Smiling Wallaby based in Adelaide, Australia.

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