June 04, 2021 1 min read

Shampoo advice from the bald guy.....

Hi , well this week I wanted to talk about Shampoo, but honestly what do I know, if you've looked at the About page on smilingwallaby.com.au you will see I have very little hair and what I do have I keep short. Obviously going for the Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson look, yea right. Better than a comb over anyway ;)

So to talk about our range of 'Shampoo With A Purpose', I've had to rely on the recommendation of Debra (my wife) and one of our friends who purchased some recently. They have both been well impressed with the product and the feel it gives to their hair. They come in a number of options; Colour Treated, Dry or Damaged, All Hair, Volume. Obviously the last one is the one I aspire to.

Australian made, and combining Shampoo and Conditioner, each bar comes in a cute cardboard box which is easily recyclable, and once you've used the bar, its gone, nothing else to dispose of.


Shampoo with a purpose

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